Respite Care

Respite Care services are provided for clients receiving CAP services and it's a requirement by the state that it is written in clients plan of care. The Community Alternatives Program for Disabled Adults (CAP/DA) is a special Medicaid program under the Community Care Section of the Division of Medical Assistance. The program makes care at home a real possibility for many people who face nursing home placement.

When the program began in 1982, four counties participated. It is now available in all 100 counties. Respite care is often needed when the family is the primary caregiver. Even the most able and dedicated family caregivers need a break occasionally. Sometimes those breaks are simply needed to allow busy people options regarding life activities. Other times, the emotional and physical strain of daily life prevents the caregivers from providing the best quality of care.

If your life is too busy, or even if you are just becoming exhausted, respite caregivers are available to assist with your needs. The goal of the respite care is to encourage family caregivers to take advantage of opportunities for rest and relaxation. Additionally, we encourage family caregivers to take opportunities to tend to other commitments or family needs. Like all of our valued client families, our respite clients receive the same high quality services and dedicated attention catered specifically to the individual family's needs.